Shipping Agency & TRAMP

Our staff are proficient In Japanese, Chinese, English and Korean, act as general agents in Japan for overseas shipowners.

They work closely with local agents on japan side to execute every procedure from the vessel's entry into port until its departure.

We promptly respond to shipowners' instructions to load and unload, provide fuel and water and supply vessel provisions and sea maps, among others.

If shipowners have specific berth term in mind, they can use our routes to find the ideal loading and unloading arrangements.
Once the charter contract is signed, our full service covers every phase of delivery until we are sure that your cargo has safely reached its consignee.

We respond rapidly to problems including ship delays and unexpected situations, so that we can arrive at the best solution.

NVOCC (Sea Freight/ Air Freight)

  • Ocean, Air, Warehousing
  • Worldwide FCL and LCL
  • Door to Door transport
  • Global agency network

Heavy Bulk / Project Business

Container Management & trading

  • Container Sales
  • Container maintenance and repair
  • Container long term storage